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Help inspire the next generation of Canadian actuaries by volunteering for the Back to School project. Its goal is to put actuaries in front of high school math classes across Canada in March, April, or May, to talk about what actuaries do, how to qualify as an actuary, and to share their rich experiences in the profession.

To help deliver a consistent message, a package is available which includes a PowerPoint presentation, a problem solving exercise, as well as some materials to leave behind. 

To get involved, contact a local high school and pitch the head of the mathematics department on having you speak to a grade 10–12 class. (Click here to see a list of talking points that will help you with this discussion.) This could be the school that your own child attends, the high school you attended, or another in your community. We would like to promote the profession to students across Canada to showcase why a career as an actuary is consistently rated as one of the top three careers in North America and how challenging and rewarding it can be.

If you are interested in reaching out to the next generation of actuaries, please contact Eric Mastropietro, co-ordinator, volunteer services, at

Allocated Schools

The schools that have already been chosen by volunteers are as follows.


School Location
Lester B. Pearson High School


School Location
William Aberhart High School


School Location
 Collège Saint-Maurice 

Nova Scotia

School Location
Horton High School