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CIA Head Office
Canadian Institute of Actuaries
360 Albert Street, Suite 1740
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7X7

Tel.: 613-236-8196 (Extension numbers are listed in [ ] brackets below.)
Fax: 613-233-4552

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Organizational Chart of the Head Office

Executive Director

Michel C. Simard
Executive Director [108]

Linda Fleurant-Beaulieu
Executive Assistant [113]
  • Supports work of the Executive Director
  • Supports Board

Membership and Operations

Jacques Leduc
Director, Membership and Operations [103]

  • Oversees the delivery of the following Head Office functions:
    • Membership
    • Finance
    • Human resources and facilities management
    • Information technology
    • Research
    • Volunteer management
  • Staff payroll and benefits administration
  • Accounts payable and travel reimbursements

Daniel Pilon
Associate Director, Operations [110]

  • Jointly oversees the delivery of the following Head Office functions:
    • Membership
    • Finance
    • Human resources and facilities management
    • Information technology
    • Research
    • Volunteer management
  • Financial reporting and budget preparation
  • Supports Human Resources, Finance, Audit, and Risk Committee of the Board

Shlomit Jacobson
Manager, Research [157]

  • Project management for CIA research projects
  • Provides drafting and writing support
  • Supports Research Council

Volunteer Services

Sue Alcott
Manager, Volunteer Services [118]

  • Lead the volunteer services team
  • Develop capacity to recruit, retain, and recognize volunteers
  • Cultivate opportunities to enhance volunteer engagement

Carmelina Santamaria
Coordinator, Volunteer Services [126]

  • Coordinates all volunteer services department activities
  • Provides administrative support to the Volunteer Management and Development Advisory Group and the New Members Advisory Group
  • Coordinates the development of orientation material and other documents for volunteers
  • Maintains the Volunteer Centre on the website

Eric Mastropietro
Assistant, Volunteer Services [105]

  • Provides support for volunteer services department activities
  • Coordinates teleconference numbers, access codes, and posting of minutes for all committees
  • Assists chairs of all committees with recruitment needs


Lidia Frassine
Manager, Membership and Finance [102]

  • Accounting
  • Membership dues
  • Tax receipts
  • Waiver of dues processing
  • Membership applications

Information Technology (IT)

Greg Sienkiewicz
Manager, IT Business Solutions [115]

  • Maintains Head Office computer network
  • Coordinates all website development and maintenance
  • Manages the membership database, including the production of statistical reports

David Gabriele
Specialist, IT [123]

  • CRM development and maintenance
  • Systems improvements and re-engineering
  • Queries, reports, imports, and exports
  • Network administration

Amgalan Wilson
Analyst, Web & IT [140]

  • Supports day-to-day technology needs
  • Systems and website maintenance
  • Data processing
  • End-user support

Communications and Public Affairs

Sandra Caya
Director, Communications and Public Affairs [116]

  • Oversees the following:
    • Internal and external communications
    • Government relations and media outreach
    • Marketing
    • Publications
  • Supports Public Affairs Council

Chris Fievoli
Staff Actuary, Communications and Public Affairs [613-656-1927]

  • Provides in-house technical actuarial support for CIA activities
  • Liaises with current members, future members, education partners, and the public on queries and other initiatives
  • Provides project management and drafting support for CIA public statements


Kelly Fry
Manager, Marketing [127]

  • Responsible for branding and marketing initiatives
  • Sponsorship
  • Social media strategy

Nathan Pilbrow
Senior Coordinator, Digital Marketing [155]

  • Graphic design
  • Website content and design
  • Online classified ads

Maryanne Bright
Marketing Content Writer [158]

  • Content creation for events, publications, and web
  • Social media promotions


Josée Gonthier
Manager, Communications [106]

  • Oversees the publication process, including translation and scheduling of all publications, and reviews French and English documentation
  • Develops and evaluates new processes and procedures to streamline the throughput of the communications and public affairs department
  • Supports the leadership on special projects

Bonnie Robinson
Editor, English [112]

  • Edits and reviews all English documents
  • Oversees the production of Seeing Beyond Risk and the Annual Report
  • Provides drafting and editing support for special projects

Marie-Eve Bourgault
Editor, French [135]

  • Provides translation, editing, and proofreading services for technical material in French
  • Oversees (e)Bulletin planning

Judith Lefebvre
Editor, French [137]

  • Provides translation, editing, and proofreading services for non-technical material in French
  • Coordinates the translation of announcements and (e)Bulletin articles

Professional Practice and Governance

Lynn Blackburn
Director, Professional Practice and Governance [117]

  • Oversees the following:
    • Continuing professional development (CPD) compliance
    • Election process
    • Overall policy development, including changes to the Bylaws and Rules of Professional Conduct
  • Supports the Actuarial Standards Board, Actuarial Standards Oversight Council, Practice Development Council, Standards and Guidance Council, the Governance and Nominations Committee, and the Committee on Professionalism

Josée Racette
Manager, Professional Practice [107]

  • Manages the development of Standards of Practice and guidance material, ensuring that the due process requirements are fully met and documented
  • Executes all aspects of the production of the French version of corporate documents (e.g., standards, guidance material, Bylaws, Rules, policies, etc.), and coordinates the final review with the Communications and Public Affairs department
  • Drafts policies, as needed
  • Supports Standards and Guidance Council and Actuarial Standards Board, and their respective committees and designated groups

Leona Campbell
Senior Coordinator, Professional Practice and International Affairs [124]

  • Administrative support to the International Affairs Council, Actuarial Standards Oversight Council, and Actuarial Standards Board
  • Supports the Committee on Professional Conduct and the Committee on Professionalism
  • Oversees the continuing professional development (CPD) compliance and audit processes, and the disclosure of criminal conviction process

Education and Professional Development

Alicia Rollo
Director, Education and International Affairs [136]

  • Oversees the following:
    • Development and delivery of education and qualification requirements, processes, and programs
    • Mutual recognition agreements and international relations related to education
    • Development and delivery of professional development programs, meetings, seminars, webcasts, and other events for the Institute
    • Career outreach and university relations
    • International strategy
    • CIA participation in the International Actuarial Association and related committees
  • Supports International Affairs Council and Eligibility and Education Council

Joseph Gabriel
Staff Actuary, Education [150]

  • In-house professional actuarial resource and content specialist for the education and professional development department
  • Responsible for enhancing the Institute’s education and professional development offerings
  • Manages career and membership outreach activities to promote the actuarial profession and the Institute
  • General inquiries regarding careers as an actuary

Nancy Jenkinson
Manager, Conference and Meeting Services [104]

  • Planning, logistics, and execution of meeting services for all events, council, and committee meetings, Annual Conference, and specialty seminars
  • Manages program content development for Annual Conference and specialty seminars

Leslie Lenton
Project Manager, Education and Professional Development [134]

  • Project management of education and professional development programs and initiatives
  • Administrative support to Eligibility and Education Council and its various committees
  • Manages the University Accreditation Program (UAP) and university relationships

Roxanne Vézina
Senior Coordinator, Education and Professional Development [111]

  • Coordinates event and meeting registration processes
  • Meeting services
  • Planning and coordination of webcasts