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The question of how to fund and contain growing health care costs is the topic of significant discussion in Canada. Potential solutions are put forward, such as the National Pharmacare Plan (NPP), but many important variables still need to be considered before the debate can be settled.

Two things are clear, however — that the current model is not a viable long-term option, and that actuaries can play a key role in planning for the future by helping highlight and mitigate the financial risks associated with an aging population, increasing demand and evolving treatments.

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Projecting the evolution of health care

Canada currently ranks as the 5th most expensive OECD country in terms of per capita health care expenditures — and the numbers will only go up. Take a look at the projected evolution of health care expenditures by provinces/territories over a 25-year period based on historical trends.

Source: Sustainability of the Canadian Health Care System and Impact of the 2014 Revision to the Canada Health Transfer report

Latest (2012) $134B total health care expenditures
= $10B
Future (2037) $467B total health care expenditures
GDP dedicated to health care
GDP dedicated to health care
Latest (2012) Total available revenues used
Future (2037) Total available revenues used

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Actuaries use specialized knowledge of finance, statistics and risk theory to find solutions to complex challenges that Canada will face in the future. New Brunswick has taken the promising step of engaging actuaries to conduct a provincial health care study. More proactive action at the provincial and national level is needed if we are to make a significant impact on health care moving forward.

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