Joseph Nunes, FCIA(1997)

Joseph-NunesPosition: President-Elect
Province: Ontario
Primary Practice Area: Pensions



Position statement

I have been an active volunteer at the Canadian Institute of Actuaries for more than thirty years, including three separate terms of service on our Board. I am approaching the end of my career, and if I am to serve as President of the CIA, I would like to do so while I am still actively working and engaged in our profession.

Serving as President would be an opportunity for me to give back to the profession that has given me so much, and it is a fitting capstone to a long career as a professional and as a volunteer. With that said, these alone are not sufficient reasons to take on the role of President, which requires a significant dedication of time. I am passionate about helping actuaries become the best practicing professionals that they can be, and about building an effective and efficient Head Office to support us.

If elected, my three priorities would be as follows:

  1. External relationships
    A large part of the role of the President should be to look outward to other stakeholders. The public, governments and regulators, employers, and other actuarial associations around the world all have an interest in the work of our members and our success. I would work to cultivate these relationships.
  2. The Board and Head Office
    In my last term on the CIA Board, we started some important work on redefining the role of our Board in supervising the work of our Head Office. I would like to continue this work and complete the transition to an oversight board away from an operational board, which is how we operated in the 1990s when I joined as a member of the CIA. At the same time, there is a role for the President to play in strengthening the contribution of our Head Office staff, allowing our paid employees to play the leadership role for which they are highly qualified.
  3. The membership
    Many of you will already know me and my passion for our profession. My dearly departed friend and fellow CIA Board member, Mike Smith, always reminded us that the Board works for the members and the President works for the Board – not the other way around. My goal is to simply ensure that we have a robust conversation between our Board and our members so that the direction we take is one that supports member success. I hope our new discussion board can grow as a key tool in this effort.

I want to thank everyone in advance for considering my candidacy, and if I am not elected, I assure you that I will continue to volunteer for the remainder of my career and support the President that the membership chooses.