James Xu, FCIA(2014)

James-XuPosition: Director candidate
Province/State: North Carolina
Primary Practice Area: Life insurance



Position statement

As a dedicated professional with a rich history in the actuarial field, I am presenting myself as a candidate for the role of Director on the CIA Board. In my current role as Associate Partner at Q_PERIOR, I lead the actuarial services line of practice for North American and Asia–Pacific regions, focusing on expanding actuarial expertise and delivering exceptional services in actuarial and data management to a diverse range of insurance companies. Since becoming an FCIA in 2014, my engagement with the Institute has been robust and multifaceted, including my roles as Chair of the Enterprise Risk Management Subcommittee under the Continuing Education Committee since 2022, Vice-Chair of this committee since 2020 and my tenure as Chair of the Practice Education Course Investment Track until recently.

Enhancing Institute and member success

If elected, my vision for the Board includes not only leveraging my professional experience to advance the Institute but also deepening our commitment to nurturing the next generation of actuaries. I have been actively volunteering as a mentor for young actuaries, particularly in non-traditional fields, sharing my insights and experiences. This mentorship is a testament to my belief in the transformative power of guidance and support in shaping the careers of emerging professionals. My journey has been dedicated to the diverse paths an actuarial career can take, and I am passionate about helping young professionals understand and navigate these possibilities. By fostering a culture of mentorship, we can ensure the continuous growth and development of our members, preparing them to become future leaders and innovators in our profession.

Promoting the Canadian actuarial profession globally

My candidacy for the Board is strengthened by my extensive international work experience in seven different countries/regions, which has afforded me a unique global perspective and a vast professional network within the actuarial field. This international exposure has not only enriched my professional outlook but has also enabled me to build bridges across different actuarial communities worldwide. If elected, I aim to utilize this extensive network and my understanding of diverse actuarial practices to amplify the presence and influence of the Canadian actuarial profession on a global scale. By forging international partnerships and participating in cross-border collaborations, I aspire to both showcase the expertise of Canadian actuaries and to bring back valuable global insights to our national community.

Advancing the profession through strategic vision

In these times of unprecedented change, my candidacy for the Board is marked by a forward-looking approach to strategic planning. I aim to work with other Board members to guide our profession through the evolving landscape, ensuring adaptability to new trends and technological advancements, and positioning us for future challenges and opportunities.

As a candidate for the Board, my ambition is to contribute to a vibrant, innovative actuarial community, globally recognized for its expertise and societal impact. My commitment to integrity, vision and responsibility towards our members and the profession is unwavering. I humbly ask for your support and thank you for your consideration.