Enterprise Risk Management Resources

Enterprise Risk Management Resources

Welcome to the resource page on enterprise risk management (ERM).

Part of the Institute's role is to promote the application of actuarial science to ERM and to market actuaries as knowledgeable experts in this field.

This page will help deliver information on ERM and links to a variety of resources, research, and interesting reading.


ERM framework

Practice Resource Document: Risk Appetite (Practice Development Council/2021)

Future Long-term Care in Canada: An Enterprise Risk Management Framework to Identify and Quantify Major Concerns (SOA, CAS, and CIA/2020)

Enterprise Risk Management for a Captive Audience (Alvarez and Troutman/2020)

Hungry for Risk?” (Scotchie and Murphy/2019)

Building a Strong Risk Culture (Mike Stramaglia/2019)

National Risk Management: A Practical ERM Approach for Federal Governments (Sim Segal/2018)

Actuarial Aspects of ERM for Insurance Companies (IAA/2016)

Defining Risk Appetite and Tolerance (Australian Government Department of Finance/2016)

Enterprise Risk Management A “risk-intelligent” Approach (Deloitte/2015)

Risk Appetite: Survey Results (CRO Forum/2015)

Developing the Risk Appetite Framework of a Life Insurance Business (Institution of Actuaries of Australia/2015)

Deriving Value from ORSA Board Perspective (IAA/2015)

Risk Appetite in Practice: Vulgaris Mathematica (Hassani/2014)

Establishing and Embedding Risk Appetite: Practitioners’ View (CRO Forum/2013)

Principles for An Effective Risk Appetite Framework (FSB/2013)

Risk Appetite: Linkage with Strategic Planning (Shang and Chen/2012)

Corporate Value of Enterprise Risk Management (purchase required) (Sim Segal/2011)

A structured approach to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and the requirements of ISO 31000” (Airmic/2010)

Comprehensive Actuarial Risk Evaluation (IAA/2010)

Risk Culture of Companies” (Abstract) (Farrell and Hoon/2009)

Practice Note on Enterprise Risk Management for Capital and Solvency Purposes in the Insurance Industry (IAA/2008)

Enterprise Risk Management: From Incentives to Controls (purchase required) (James Lam/2003)

Specific topics

Insurance risks (including hazard/climate risks)

Is It Really Different This Time?” (Mary Pat Campbell/2020)

Non-modelled Risks (Association of British Insurers/2014)

Catastrophe Modelling and Climate Change (Lloyd’s/2014)

Geomagnetic Storms (OECD/2011)

Making Flood Insurable for Canadian Homeowners (Swiss Re/2010)

Research Paper on Time Horizons and Terminal Provisions (KPMG/2010)

The One-year Non-life Insurance Risk (Esbojorn Ohlsson & Jan Lauzeningks/2010)

Market risks (including liquidity risks)
Operational risks

Operational Risk Dependencies (P.O.J. Kelliher/2020)

Good Practice Guide to Setting Inputs for Operational Risk Models (P.O.J. Kelliher/2016)

Operational Risk – What is it? And What Do I Do About It?” (Larry Zimpleman, SOA/2015)

Research Paper on Operational Risk (KPMG, CIA/2014)

Standards of practice (other organizations)