University Mentorship Program Toolkit and Resources



The CIA’s New Members Advisory Group (NMAG) has the mandate to identify, create, and facilitate volunteer opportunities for new Associates (ACIAs) and Fellows (FCIAs) interested in supporting the actuarial profession. The NMAG identified new CIA members mentoring university actuarial students as a fantastic volunteer opportunity. Mentoring provides benefits to the mentee, mentor, organization running the program, and the overall profession.

After surveying representatives of actuarial departments and student clubs at universities across Canada about the presence of mentorship programs, the CIA’s New Members Advisory Group collaborated with student actuarial clubs to provide content, mentors from our pool of new members, and help to establish or improve such a program.

This mentorship program package can help university actuarial clubs, university administrators or faculty, or anyone else interested in actuarial students, implement and administer a mentoring program.


The ask

We are providing you with an opportunity to support your students through a mentoring program. Our vision for this program is that actuarial professionals (e.g., ACIAs, FCIAs) would mentor your actuarial students by sharing their experiences and knowledge. We envision this program would last a semester or two providing multiple opportunities for the mentee and mentor to meet to discuss topics of interest to the mentee.


Support from the CIA

The NMAG created this package to help you facilitate and administer a mentoring program. The CIA Head Office through its various departments will offer the following support:

  • The CIA Education Department will:
    • Promote the Mentorship program and toolkit to the various universities and
    • Respond to any questions related to the mentorship program and toolkit.
  • The CIA Volunteer Services Department will:
    • Provide assistance in finding mentors through communications to new members on our distribution list and through our network of actuarial professionals.

The CIA is unable to act as the administrator for your program, but we can support you in your role as the mentoring program administrator.


Getting started

Review the materials in this package and feel free to use whatever material you want, replace/edit where appropriate, and disregard any material you do not need.

The CIA would appreciate hearing from you, especially if you are interested in creating a mentoring program. To reach the Education Department, please contact [email protected]. If you need mentors for your program, please contact the Volunteer Services Department at [email protected].