Information for Candidates

The CIA grants UAP credits to candidates for the following Society of Actuaries (SOA)/Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) exams: P, SRM, FM/2, IFM/3F, LTAM, and STAM.

Credits for exams P/1 and SRM were added for courses offered in summer 2019 and are available at most of the 11 accredited universities. Check your university’s offerings

No UAP credit is available for exams PA of the SOA or MAS I and MAS II of the CAS.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Education and Qualification Council has approved the following temporary measures:
  • That alternative evaluation methods be allowed on an exceptional basis due to COVID-19 for the winter 2020 term (and possibly summer 2020 as the situation continues to be monitored) such as take-home exams or other activities that would allow the grade to be at least 80% based on independent work. 
  • That universities be entrusted to actively remind candidates that they are required to comply with the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Candidates in the CIA Education System upon application of CIA UAP credit.
  • That no UAP credit applications using courses completed in winter 2020 be processed until full completion of the EE process and review by the Eligibility and Qualification Council (EQC) in fall 2020. 
Candidates pursuing Associate (ACIA) and Fellow (FCIA) designations must complete all Fellowship exams, modules, and other CIA eligibility requirements.

Candidates who achieve the minimum grade requirement in the accredited courses may submit an application form along with official university grade transcripts to receive credit for their courses. UAP credits are approved by the Education and Qualification Council.

The timing of the completion of the last course will determine the requirement to be met. A sunset clause of three years from the time of completion of the last course will be applied. This means that students must apply for the associated exam credit within three years of the date of completion of the last course.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 situation affecting examinations, any credits requiring courses from the winter 2020 semester will only be considered for approval in fall 2020 once the external examiner review process has been completed. 

Should a university fail to maintain, or lose, its accreditation, the candidates who receive credits based on education received at that university shall not lose the credits received during the period that the university was accredited.

In addition to the specific university’s internal policies on conduct, including academic misconduct, candidates pursuing credits for writing professional examinations shall also be subject to the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Candidates in the CIA Education System and the associated Policy on Conduct and Ethics for Candidates in the CIA Education System.

Candidates with CAS transcripts will show UAP credits as the corresponding examination. 

SOA transcripts will not show UAP credits. However, the Memorandum of Understanding on Education specifies that the SOA will accept UAP credits for the limited purpose of allowing candidates to gain credit for, or register for and take other courses, exams, and modules (such as Validation by Education Experience credit, or registration for the Decision Making and Communication Module (DMAC), , which are required components of the CIA’s qualification requirements, even if registration for such courses would otherwise be conditional on completing certain exams or attaining Associate membership in the SOA. We have recently been made aware that the SOA may apply a limited interpretation of this clause which we are discussing. Until the issue is resolved, candidates should be aware that the UAP credits for exams P and SRM may not be accepted by the SOA for the purposes stated above.

Note that the SOA Fellowship Admissions Course (FAC) is no longer a requirement for FCIA.

For more information, please visit Obtaining UAP Credits.

The UAP enables the CIA to grant credits for up to six preliminary professional examinations. Working closely and rigorously with 11 accredited universities across the country, the CIA upholds the highest standards in education.