New Pathways for Students and ACIA Candidates

We are providing innovative and agile program options that deliver more flexibility, inclusivity, and efficiency on the path to becoming a member of the CIA.   

What you need to know

The CIA is moving forward with new qualification pathways that provide more options for students and candidates in pursuit of a professional designation.

Our new approach to education:

  • Provides clear transition rules and ensures no efforts are duplicated and no candidate is left behind.
  • Expands the University Accreditation Program (UAP) to recognition of an accredited degree, including CIA mandatory courses in actuarial science.
  • Allows candidates to complete most ACIA requirements while in university.
  • Supplements an accredited degree with the ACIA module and ACIA capstone exams to assess technical skills more practically, without duplication of effort, and at the high standards the CIA is known for.
  • Offers greater flexibility to students and empowers universities to innovate and continue to demonstrate the quality of their programs. 

Key benefits of the new approach

  • Provides you with several options depending on your plans.
  • Trusted programs delivered by the CIA and 11 accredited universities across Canada.
  • Clear transition rules will help you make the right choices for you.
  • No duplication of effort from previous achievements.
  • Shorter travel time is expected and greater cost-efficiency for you and your current or prospective employers.
  • All offered online in English and French.
  • Better recognition of your actuarial science degree.
  • Education that bridges your university degree, preparing you to success on the job.

New pathways to ACIA designation


Changes to University Accreditation Program (UAP)

We are expanding the University Accreditation Program (UAP) from course-by-course mapping to recognition of an accredited university degree in actuarial science. This provides students more flexibility in when, where, and how they meet ACIA syllabus requirements while allowing accredited universities to do what they are best at: innovate in how they educate and assess students.

No minimum course grades or GPA will be required beyond those established by each accredited university. There are mandatory courses that the CIA requires as part of the degree at each accredited university, so be sure to review each university home page for details. Candidates with existing UAP credits will be given an appropriate transition period to qualify as ACIA.  

Transition process and timeline

During a transitional period, a combination of UAP credits and education and examinations of other actuarial organizations may be accepted in lieu of some ACIA/FCIA requirements. Complete details for the pathways and final transition rules will be available in the first half of 2022.