Exam dates

January 17th, 2024
11:00 - 18:00

Exam format




Registration deadline: December 17, 2023 at 23:59

This exam is a requirement for candidates seeking qualification as an Associate of the CIA (ACIA) through Pathway 1, and to some, under Pathway 2. To see if you qualify for an exemption under Pathway 1, please consult transition rule ATR23-5. If you qualify for an exemption, all requirements will be verified when you submit your full ACIA application; there is no application process for exemption.  

The overarching goal of the ACIA Capstone Exam is to help candidates prepare for the actuarial profession and tasks related to entry-level actuarial positions. Candidates are expected to demonstrate integration of knowledge of actuarial concepts and communicate results. The exam assumes knowledge acquired in a recognized university degree, as well as from the ACIA modules, focusing on knowledge application and communication.   

Review the ACIA Capstone Exam – Candidate Guidelines to learn about the exam format, technical requirements, exam rules and regulations, and other exam components.