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Contact Us

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CIA Head Office
Canadian Institute of Actuaries
360 Albert Street, Suite 1740
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7X7

Tel.: 613-236-8196 (Extension numbers are listed in [ ] brackets below.)
Fax: 613-233-4552

Questions or specific support: [email protected]
General feedback or concerns: [email protected]
Website problems: [email protected]
Membership: [email protected]
Events: [email protected]
Education: [email protected]
Media inquiries: [email protected]

Office of the Executive Director

Michel C. Simard
Executive Director [108]
[email protected]

Linda Fleurant-Beaulieu
Executive Assistant [113]

Membership, Finance and Operations

Daniel Pilon
Director, Membership, Finance and Operations [110]

Jacques Leduc
Associate Director, Membership, People and Culture [103]

Lidia Frassine
Manager, Membership and Finance [102]

Volunteer Services

Sue Alcott
Manager, Volunteer Services, People and Culture [118]

Eric Mastropietro
Coordinator, Volunteer Services [105]
(on leave)

Isabel Alonso 
Coordinator, Volunteer Services [115]  

Karyn McInally
Assistant, Volunteer Services [114]

Information Technology (IT)

Oliver Bishop
Manager, IT Business Solutions [125]

David Gabriele
Specialist, IT [123]

Amgalan Wilson
Analyst, Web & IT [140]  

Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs

Sandra Caya
Director, Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs [116]  
Chris Fievoli
Actuary, Communications and Public Affairs [119]  


Kelly Fry
Manager, Marketing [127]

Reece Dyche
Senior Coordinator, Content [158]  

Jenna Robertson
Senior Coordinator, Marketing [128]

Alejandro Rojas
Coordinator, Web Content [120]

Language Services

Josée Gonthier
Manager, Language Services and Public Affairs [106]

Maude Ayotte
Translator-Editor, French [137]

Jessica Murphy
Editor, English [156]

Raja Bourezgui 
Editor, French [141]

Marie-Eve Bourgault
Editor, French [135]

(on parental leave until January 2023)

Olivia da Silva
Editor, English [160]

(on parental leave until February 2023)

Professional Practice, Research and Governance

Lynn Blackburn
Director, Professional Practice, Research and Governance [117]

Josée Racette
Manager, Professional Practice [107]

Leona Campbell
Senior Coordinator, Professional Practice and Conduct [124]  


Michael Bean
Manager, Research Program [157]

Esteban Rivera
Project Manager, Research and Professional Practice [159]  

Education and International Affairs

Alicia Rollo
Director, Education and International Affairs [136]

Professional Development

Nancy Jenkinson
Manager, Professional Development and Events [104]

Roxanne Vézina
Project Manager, Professional Development and Events [111] 

Elsa Ruprecht

Assistant, Professional Development and Events

Education and International Affairs

Joseph Gabriel
Actuary, Education [150]

Leslie Lenton
Program Manager, Education [134]

Clare Urquhart
Assistant, Education and International Affairs [138]