About Us

Research Council

Duties and purpose:

  1. To manage the allocation of the CIA research budget as well as the process of initiation, development, and approval of CIA research and joint research projects;
  2. To work jointly with CIA staff on the translation, distribution, and promotion of CIA research and joint research projects;
  3. To identify forward-thinking research ideas which support the CIA’s strategic direction and the broader research needs of the CIA; and
  4. To coordinate with external organizations and obtain support for joint research where appropriate.


Keith Walter chair  2018 
François Cloutier vice-chair  2018 
Jill Harper vice-chair  2018 
Faizel Alladina member  2018 
José Garrido member  2018 
Damien Lapointe Nguyen member  2018 
Paul Winnett member  2018 
Tak Wai Alan Wong member  2018 
Fei Xie member and Board representative  2018 
John Dark ex officio participant  2018 
Michel Simard ex officio participant  2018 
Rebecca Rycroft ASB liaison  2018