Research Council

Duties and purpose:

  1. To manage the allocation of the CIA research budget as well as the process of initiation, development, and approval of CIA research and joint research projects;
  2. To work jointly with CIA staff on the translation, distribution, and promotion of CIA research and joint research projects;
  3. To identify forward-thinking research ideas which support the CIA’s strategic direction and the broader research needs of the CIA; and
  4. To coordinate with external organizations and obtain support for joint research where appropriate.


NameRoleStart Date
Keith WalterChair01/09/20186
François CloutierVice-Chair09/11/20187
Jill HarperVice-Chair09/11/20187
Riccardo GiaccariMember31/10/20199
Qi AnMember19/02/20209
Jonathan Bien-AimeMember19/02/20209
Sheldon LinMember31/03/20209
Nicolas GenoisMember30/10/20209
Tak Wai Alan WongMember01/09/20189
Fei XieMember (Board Representative)01/09/20189
Paul WinnettMember01/09/20189
Lewis LeeMember01/07/20199
Benjamin MarshallSOA Staff Member01/07/201921
Michel SimardEx-officio participant01/09/201822
Michel St-GermainEx-officio participant01/07/202022
Robert StaplefordPAC Liaison18/12/201922
Marshall PosnerASB Liaison25/11/202023