Governance Philosophy


Financial security for Canadians.


As the trusted bilingual voice of the Canadian actuarial profession, we advance actuarial science and its application for the well-being of society.


Values shape our attitudes and influence our professional conduct. Our values are:


We put the public interest ahead of our own. Our processes are transparent and volunteerism is at the heart of our activities.


We are honest and accountable professionals; we uphold strict ethical principles. We use our expertise, rigorous standards, and objectivity to deliver actuarial services and advice of the highest quality.


We are committed to demonstrating the value of effective risk management. We use innovation to advance actuarial science and its applications.

 Guiding Principles

  • In carrying out its activities and programs, the Institute holds the duty of the profession to the public above the needs of the profession and its members.
  • To ensure that services are provided by qualified individuals, the Institute maintains publicly visible programs and procedures for the attainment and maintenance of professional qualification by its members.
  • The Institute develops standards of professional practice and rules of professional conduct and, through its disciplinary process, ensures their compliance by its members.
  • The Institute promotes the development of a body of expert actuarial knowledge and practice relevant to Canadian social and economic needs. It encourages actuarial research and scholarly activity and the dissemination of the results among its members. It encourages the application of actuarial science and technique to new areas where these are relevant.
  • The Institute cooperates with governments and public bodies and makes timely and relevant contributions to public policy issues.
  • To assure a continuing supply of qualified professionals, the Institute encourages the recruitment and training of new actuaries.
  • The Institute serves the professional needs of all Canadian actuaries regardless of area of practice, language, or geographic region.
  • To assist its members in their professional activities, the Institute develops technical support including collection and analysis of statistical data, and the publication of actuarial handbooks and texts.
  • The Institute represents Canadian actuaries internationally and cooperates with other national actuarial bodies in areas of mutual interest.
  • The Institute provides opportunities for the professional development of its members.