About Us

Practice Development Council

Duties and purpose:

  1. To proactively encourage and develop actuarial practice in all practice areas;
  2. To make recommendations with respect to marketing the profession, as well as specific areas of practice, through consistent branding, marketing, and communication projects;
  3. To lead the development of emerging areas of practice, and promote and enhance the hiring of actuaries in non-traditional roles; and
  4. To collaborate with and assist other councils and the Actuarial Standards Board in the development and prioritization of standards of practice, guidance material, research projects, public statements, and educational and professional development opportunities for CIA members.


NameRoleStart Date
George WangChair01/07/20206
Franklin ReynoldsMember01/07/20198
Carl LussierMember27/03/20198
Zhouliang (Joel) LiMember09/11/20188
Martin RoyMember01/09/20188
Nari PersadMember01/09/20188
Jacques PlanteMember01/07/20198
Stephanie GreerMember27/03/20198
Yeh Ching SetoMember01/09/20188
Will (Chen) DuMember27/03/20198
Paul GobeilMember01/09/20188
Michael McDermidLiaison Representative to a CIA Committee/Council17/06/202021
Michel SimardEx-officio participant01/09/201822
Denis DupontAGC Liaison10/12/201922
Claude FergusonBoard Representative01/07/201922
Fanny GuertinBoard Representative01/07/202022
Michel St-GermainEx-officio participant01/07/202022
Azmina JiwaniASB Liaison23/06/202023