About Us

Public Affairs Council

Duties and purpose:

  1. To develop and monitor public and government initiatives to ensure that the CIA becomes widely recognized by the Canadian public as the leading contributor to dialogue, analysis, and solutions in all areas related to the understanding and quantification of future financial contingences and risks;
  2. To conduct an ongoing environmental scan to identify potential issues or topics on which the CIA’s opinion might be of public interest;
  3. To direct and manage the development of all CIA public statements in all areas of actuarial practice in accordance with established policies; and
  4. To approve all CIA public statements for release to CIA members and other stakeholders.


Bernard Morency chair  2018 
Robert Stapleford vice-chair  2018 
Robert Brown member  2018 
Claudette Cantin member  2018 
Peter Gorham member  2018 
Michael Hafeman member  2018 
Elaine Lajeunesse member  2018 
Alan Ryder member  2018 
Kathleen Thompson member  2018 
Jason Vary member  2019 
Hélène Baril member and Board representative  2019 
Michel St-Germain member and Board representative  2019 
Michel Simard ex officio participant  2018 
Marc Tardif ex officio participant  2019