About Us

International Affairs Council

Duties and purpose:

  1. To actively develop and maintain an international strategy for the CIA, to be proposed for Board approval;
  2. To provide CIA comment in order to influence international bodies on matters involving actuarial topics;
  3. To foster and coordinate active CIA participation with the International Actuarial Association (IAA), including the recruitment and nomination of CIA members for participation in the IAA;
  4. To act as a sounding board for CIA officers and other councils in their dealings with other actuarial organizations and associations; and
  5. To keep CIA members informed on international matters of interest.


Jacques Tremblay chair  2018 
Jason Malone vice-chair  2018 
Thomas Ault member  2018 
Mélanie Beauvais member  2018 
Réjean Besner member  2018 
Micheline Dionne member  2018 
Alana Farrell member  2018 
Michael Hafeman member  2018 
Graham Mackay member  2018 
Leslie Rehbeli member  2018 
William Weiland member  2018 
Barbara Addie member and Board representative  2018 
John Dark ex officio participant  2018 
Michel Simard ex officio participant  2018 
Jason Vary observer  2018