Education and Qualification Council

Duties and purpose:

  1. To develop and enforce qualification requirements for enrolment in the CIA;
  2. To develop, deliver, and maintain the CIA’s education system, including the 4 Exemptions N/A Escalation Procedures/Management of Non-compliance with this Policy N/A CIA education syllabus and in-house education programs;
  3. To monitor and manage partner relationships for educational activities delivered through other organizations and universities;
  4. To develop, deliver, and maintain continuing education programs to advance the knowledge of candidates and members;
  5. To liaise with the Professionalism and Credential Monitoring Board (PCMB) and obtain its input regarding the CIA’s qualification requirements and education programs from a professionalism and public interest perspective.


NameRoleStart Date
Bruce JonesCouncil Chair01/07/20226
Renée CoutureCouncil Vice-Chair09/09/20227
Carol MurphyCouncil Member14/08/20209
Michael StinchcombeCouncil Member27/08/20219
Apundeep LambaCouncil Member21/10/20219
Claude PichetCouncil Member01/07/20229
Patrick KavanaghCouncil Member01/07/20229
Bruno GagnonCouncil Member21/07/20229
Remya ThomsonCouncil Member01/12/20229
Andrew KitchenCouncil Member28/05/20209
John DarkLiaison Representative to a CIA Committee/Council01/01/202321
Michel SimardEx-officio participant01/01/202022