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Professional Conduct Board

The Institute’s disciplinary process is overseen by the Professional Conduct Board, whose members are experienced and respected Fellows and whose backgrounds represent the major practice areas. Since 2005, two public members, who are not members of the Institute, have been added to the board.


NameRoleStart Date
José LegaultSecretary01/01/20204
Louis MartinBoard Chair01/01/20206
Jean-Claude PrimeauBoard Vice-Chair01/01/20207
Lyne RamacièreBoard Member01/01/20208
Chris RobertsBoard Member01/01/20208
Marthe LacroixBoard Member01/01/20208
Pierre LaurinBoard Member01/01/20208
David DicksonBoard Member01/01/20208
J. Helmut EngelsBoard Member01/01/20208
Joseph NunesBoard Member01/01/20208
Isabelle LaroucheBoard Member01/01/20208
David MortonBoard Member01/01/20208
Hudson LopezBoard Member01/01/20208
Érik MorissetteLegal Counsel01/01/202054
Antoine AylwinLegal Counsel01/01/202054
Karl DelwaideLegal Counsel01/01/202054
Judith ParisienLegal Counsel01/01/202054