Climate change

The risks from climate change create uncertainty and threaten the stability of Canada’s ecosystems and economies, and the health of Canadians. An increase in insurance losses from extreme weather events, as well as changes in mortality and morbidity rates due to an impact on health and longevity, all become possible.

“Ensuring insurers are aware of the potential costs associated with climate change”

Through their unique skills and expertise, actuaries consider the risks of climate change to ensure that insurance companies, social security programs, and other companies have long-term financial viability. They:

  • Develop solutions to mitigate the risks associated with climate change in a transitioning economy
  • Make insurers aware of the potential costs associated with climate change
  • Establish the rates of insurance policies and ensure assets are available when they’re needed
  • Assist insurance companies and pension funds with being socially and environmentally responsible through their policies and investments
As Canada and the world are faced with risks like global warming, extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and greenhouse gas emissions, actuaries have a critical role to play in protecting Canadians and building a better, more stable financial future.

Curious about how you can help mitigate the impacts of climate change?

The actuarial career path isn’t all about risk – it comes with a variety of rewards, too. From the opportunity to tackle complex climate challenges with a diverse team of people to the ability to make a tangible difference on the lives of Canadians, actuarial careers are multi-faceted and intriguing. 

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