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Enrolment with the Institute

A person may apply for enrolment in the Institute as an Associate (ACIA), a Fellow (FCIA), an Affiliate, or a Correspondent.
Information regarding CIAnet may be obtained here.

Subject to the payment of dues, the enrolment requirements for each category are described below. These requirements have been established in accordance with Bylaws of the Institute. The requirements described below are those in effect as of the date of publication of this information. However, with the Board’s approval, the Institute reserves the right to modify these requirements at any time and without notice. Such modifications may be made with respect to individual applicants or all applicants. For more information, see the following:

University Accreditation Program

The CIA’s University Accreditation Program (UAP) provides students with the option of, upon achieving the required minimum exemption grades, applying to the CIA for exemptions from some of the early actuarial exams of the SOA and CAS, namely: FM/2, MFE/3, MLC/3L, C/4. Exemptions are not available for Exam P/1.

The option of gaining exam exemptions can provide candidates with a portion of the qualification requirements to become an Associate of the CIA. In most cases, more than one course is required in order to achieve an exam exemption.

More information on the UAP is available here.