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Are you good at math? Do you love complex problem-solving? Maybe a career as an actuary is right for you!

Being an actuary is a challenging and rewarding career, consistently ranked one of the top three in North America.

Actuaries turn numbers into knowledge

Actuaries are risk management experts. They use math, stats, probability, and predictive analytics to help ensure the financial security of Canadians in diverse areas:

  • Life, and property and casualty insurance;
  • Finance and investments;
  • Risk management;
  • Retirement benefits and pensions;
  • Healthcare sustainability;
  • Social programs
  • Banking; and
  • Environment and resources (including climate change).

Education and qualifications

Eleven accredited universities offer recognized degrees in actuarial science for purpose of meeting CIA qualification requirements. Other undergraduate degrees in math, statistics, business and finance, data science, or economics are all excellent preparation for an actuarial career through alternate qualification pathways. To qualify as an actuary, you must complete all CIA qualification requirements including modules, exams, and professional courses. 

 On average, it takes around seven to nine years to become an FCIA, including a university education.

University Accreditation

The University Accreditation Program (UAP) has expanded as of fall 2021 with the introduction of the three new CIA qualification pathways  to recognize degrees in actuarial science from accredited universities. While UAP credits for preliminary exams are being phased out, they remain available for students currently enrolled in accredited universities for a transitional period, ending September 2023.

Make connections

Networking is an important part of success in any career. Connect with actuarial students and professionals through the Actuarial Students National Association or by joining CIAnet.

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