CIA Research Forum - Terms of Use


To enable and encourage member exchanges and suggestions on research matters, the CIA offers a Research Forum to provide CIA members and the public with an opportunity to exchange ideas and suggest future research projects.

These terms of use are a) designed to maintain the contributors’ and the entire CIA membership’s confidence in the Research Forum, and b) aimed at establishing and maintaining a professional, safe, and collegial environment for these exchanges, thereby encouraging all members and the public to participate.

They must be observed by all contributors at all times.


  • Access to the Research Forum is a privilege, not a right.
  • Contributors shall treat each other with courtesy and professional respect and shall avoid criticism of other individuals.
  • All CIA members and members of the public are allowed to suggest project ideas and write comments.
  • Contributors’ participation is completely optional.


  1. The content and tone of postings should be appropriate.
  2. A contributor shall be identified as the author of the posting. Any opinions (as opposed to facts or cited information) expressed are generally assumed to be his or her own, unless otherwise noted. Anonymous postings are not permitted.
  3. The contributor must agree to these terms of use before his or her suggestion or comment can be published.
  4. No contributor should monopolize a thread.
  5. Postings should be non-commercial in nature. Job postings and solicitations are not permitted.
  6. Should a contributor be non-compliant with these terms of use, the administrator will take measures commensurate with the degree of the offence. Possible measures include, but are not limited to, a private warning or a suspension, for an appropriate period, of the member’s privilege to participate in the Research Forum.
  7. A contributor whose privileges have been suspended can appeal the administrator’s decision to the chair of the Research Committee. The chair’s subsequent decision on the matter will be final and without further appeal.