Academic Research Grant Program – Notice of Intent

To submit a proposal for the Academic Research Grant Program, please fill out the following form: 

Please indicate the context within which the research questions and problems arise, along with general and specific objectives. Limit: 4,000 characters, spaces included.
Please indicate the involved faculty members, graduate students, or practitioners, and also indicate who the lead investigator is (including their e-mail address). A project must include at least one graduate student or at least one practitioner.
Please indicate the total amount required and how it will be spent. Make sure it respects the CIA guidelines provided on the previous page under Budget and Time Frame.
Please indicate the project duration in months.
Do you currently have a research project funded by the CIA?

Please summarize the qualifications of each team member with respect to the research project applied for (including degrees, professional designations, publications, conferences, etc.). Do not provide a full CV at this stage. Limit: 2,000 characters, spaces included.