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Notice of Intent for the Public Statement on Public Pension Plans: Deadline to Comment Next Week

In March 2017, the CIA Board approved the topic of retirement age for the development of a level-2 CIA public statement. On September 19, the CIA issued a notice of intent (NOI) setting out the proposed direction and content of the public statement.

There are two issues related to retirement age that should be addressed in such a public statement:

  • Issue one: Whether Canadians should plan to work longer, and what measures to employ to encourage this behaviour.
  • Issue two: Whether the pensionable ages (early, normal, late) for OAS/GIS and the Canada/Québec Pension Plan (C/QPP) should be raised from their current levels.

This CIA public statement would be received as an important contribution to this debate and would be of considerable interest to many Canadians.

Member feedback on the development of this public statement is very important. We encourage members to read the notice of intent and submit comments on the two issues and support for/against the two views. Relevant actuarial matters which the committee should consider are welcome. Comments are invited by October 12, 2017 and may be submitted by e-mail to No other forums for obtaining feedback on this NOI are contemplated at this time.

Due process has been followed in the preparation of this NOI.

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October 4, 2017