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Proxy Voting Ends Monday: Changes to the Bylaws Related to CIA Public Statements

On December 8, 2016, the Board formally approved the proposed amendments.

See links #1 through #3 below to read about the changes, the rationale behind them, and the subsequent process. The Board also approved the use of electronic proxy voting regarding these changes; for details, see link #4 below.

The Amendments Listserver is open for members to discuss the changes. To participate, members must opt in; link #4 below will take you to instructions for doing so. (If you opted in to discuss previous bylaw changes, you are likely still on the listserver.)

For members wishing to attend the Annual Meeting, online registration is now closed. You may choose to register on-site.

A recording of the June 2 webcast about the proposed changes is available on the CIA website under Professional Development>>Webcasts>>Webcast Archives.

Reminder: those who have been Associates for over five years have voting rights and may vote on these proposed bylaw amendments.


1. Memorandum to Members: Proposed Amendments Related to CIA Public Statements

2. Amending Bylaw No. 2016-2: Public Statements. Also, see appendix A.

3. Policy on the Approval of Public Statements

4. Instructions for Voting (Electronic Proxy and Live) and Use of the Amendments Listserver—Timetable for the Next 30 Days

5. Annual Meeting Registration
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June 15, 2017