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Preliminary Communication for Assumptions for Hypothetical Wind-Up and Solvency Valuations with Effective Dates on or after Sep. 30, 2018 (but no later than Dec. 30, 2018)

In order to provide timely information to actuaries, the Committee on Pension Plan Financial Reporting’s (PPFRC’s) discount rate and mortality recommendations for estimating the cost of purchasing annuities are summarized in this announcement. Actuaries are advised that this constitutes preliminary guidance only, as it is subject to approval by the Standards and Guidance Council (SGC). Prior history has shown that SGC members may propose alternatives, require additional analysis, submit additional data, and/or not approve PPFRC recommendations without adjustments.

Any work based on this preliminary guidance should be accompanied by appropriate caveats about its preliminary nature and potential for revision. Further, it would not be appropriate to use this preliminary guidance for the purpose of any formal reporting or regulatory filings, nor in any marketing capacity.

If you have any questions, please contact Mark Mervyn, Chair, PPFRC.

Announcement Number
October 22, 2018