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One Week Left – Consultation on the Implementation of the Proposed Changes to CPD Requirements

The Board has undertaken a review of the CIA’s CPD requirements and now seeks member comments on the proposed changes. These changes affect the Bylaws, the CPD qualification standard, and several CIA policy documents. Some of these changes include the following:


  • Reduction of the total number of CPD hours required from 100 to 80;
  • Introduction of core professionalism requirements;
  • Introduction of a formal application process for exemptions from the CPD requirements;
  • A more rigorous audit process; and
  • Possible suspension of membership for members who do not qualify for an exemption and who fail to comply with the CPD requirements.


The notice to members includes detailed information regarding the proposed changes, as well as links to the revised/new versions of the relevant documents.

Please take the time to review and consider the proposed changes to CPD requirements and provide comments using the online form (you must be logged in to the members’ site) no later than November 22, 2017. You may also submit comments by e-mail to Lynn Blackburn, director, professional practice and volunteer services at
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November 15, 2017