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Earn CPD credits with three new webcasts.

March 5: Free Webcast: Proposed Changes to the CIA Organizational Structure

Learn more about the proposed changes to the CIA’s organizational structure (must be logged in to the members’ site to view) and take the opportunity to direct your questions to the leadership. An English and French webcast will be offered at different times.

March 20: Free Webcast: PPFRC Update

In this webcast, the Committee on Pension Plan Financial Reporting (PPFRC) will review the December 31, 2017 annuity purchase guidance as well as the recently published educational note on Selection of Mortality Assumptions for Pension Plan Actuarial Valuations. This webcast will be offered in English.

April 4: Emerging Risks in an ERM Framework: Focus on When Historical Climate Data Is Not Predictive and How Food Systems Impact Risk

This session will review the 11th annual survey of emerging risks, sharing new information learned and comments from risk practitioners. This survey regularly produces revealing comments about the current state of enterprise risk management (ERM). Focus will be on how historical data is not always predictive, using climate as an example. This session will also review the Actuaries Climate IndexTM, as another example of when historical climate data is not predictive. Lastly, Ms. Lindman will share her findings on how food systems impact planetary risk levels. This webcast will be offered in English.

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February 22, 2018