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Tomorrow: IAA Webcast on the Application of Big Data in Banking
Join the International Actuarial Association (IAA) for an in-depth look at what the influx in application of big data means for banking. This webcast will explore the role of actuaries and the use of big data to improve customer experience and enhance shareholder value. As businesses worldwide race to gain competitive insights from the inundation of data, the ethical and organizational implications likely to manifest around the realization of big data and its value will also be examined. Be part of the conversation and register today.

October 15–16: In Focus Seminar on Insurtech in P&C Insurance
Insurtech is taking the insurance world by storm. Register for our live-streaming option and learn how the innovative power of insurtech is changing the way insurers do business. View the In Focus Seminar Program.

October 17: NEW! Incorporation of Flood and Other Catastrophe Model Results into Pricing and Underwriting 
This webcast will provide an overview of the research paper by the same title, published jointly by the CIA, the Casualty Actuarial Society, and the Society of Actuaries on July 25, 2018. It will provide a brief history of the development of catastrophe models and their use in the Canadian insurance markets, and will lay out a framework for the effective use of catastrophe models in pricing and underwriting. The primary use case will be flooding in Canada, but the framework is applicable to all catastrophe perils in any region.

If you have any questions, please contact Roxanne Vézina, coordinator, membership and education, at 613-236-8196 ext. 111.

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September 19, 2018