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Do You Have a Research Idea? Share It!

Using the Institute’s strategic goals as a guide, the Research Executive Committee (REC) identified four focus areas where further Canadian research would be helpful and where it plans to fund additional research. All members are encouraged to submit research ideas as they pertain to these focus areas:

  • Aging and retirement – the impact of an aging population on Canadian society, and the evolving nature of retirement;
  • Canadian healthcare – factors impacting the Canadian healthcare system (e.g., sustainability, affordability, and accessibility);
  • Property and casualty insurance – the evolution of the Canadian P&C industry; and
  • Emerging practices – expanding the role of actuaries in new areas in Canada (e.g., banking and financial services, infrastructure, oil and gas, climate change).

Interested in working with the REC, a REC subcommittee, or project oversight group (POG)? If so, contact Shlomit Jacobson, manager, research.

For more information on current research, please visit the Research Projects page on the website.

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July 25, 2018