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CIA Graduate Scholarship Program Winners

The CIA’s Graduate Scholarship Program (GSP) promotes research and/or graduate-level coursework in actuarial science, to accelerate the transfer of new technology and original knowledge to the industry. The Board awarded one $10,000 scholarship in the GSP’s first year, two in its second, and three in its third. The Board and the Member Services Council are proud to announce the well-qualified recipients of the three CIA scholarships for 2017–2018:

  • Jean-Philippe Le Cavalier, Université Laval;
  • Francis Laporte, FSA, CERA, Université Laval; and
  • Ugo Nugent, Université du Québec à Montréal.
Congratulations to these worthy recipients! Each student receives $10,000 towards their graduate studies. 
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September 6, 2017