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For all CIA members

2017 CIA Elections Results

Congratulations to the CIA members who have been elected to the Board in the 2017 Elections:


2017 Election - John Dark
John Dark (elected by acclamation)


2017 Election - Minaz Lalani
Minaz Lalani

New Directors

2017 Election - Michael Correa                       2017 Election - Renée Couture
Michael Correa               Renée Couture

2017 Election - Angelita Graham                        2017 Election - André L'Espérance
Angelita Graham            André L'Espérance

2017 Election - Rahim Hirji
Rahim Hirji
(will serve the balance of Minaz Lalani's term on the Board as a Director—until 2018)

The President-elect will serve a one-year term in that position, followed by a year as President and a further year as Past President. Directors are elected for a three-year term, unless otherwise indicated above. These elected members will commence their terms following the close of the Annual Meeting on June 22, 2017.

The elections are a chance for each individual member to play a part in setting the future direction of the Institute, and this year more than 1,100 of you seized that opportunity, pushing the voter turnout to 27.6%. Thank you for taking the time to vote, and please remember to do so again next year.

If you want to have an even greater role in the development of the actuarial profession in Canada, why not consider running for a position on the Board in 2018?

Thank you to all who stood for election.
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May 26, 2017