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CIA Webcast – Applying ERM Concepts to Cyber Security: Twitter Case Study – August 20, 2015

Thursday August 20, 2015
1:00 to 2:30 p.m. ET (Special time)
Offered in English

Sim Segal, president, SimErgy Consulting
Ross Graber, protective intelligence manager on the global threat management team at Twitter

Enterprise risk management (ERM) programs are commonly used to enhance the sophistication of risk-reward decision making at the highest levels of an organization, using an integrated approach to sort out key threats from all sources. However, leading organizations are also using ERM tools and techniques to enhance decision making at the traditional silo risk management level. In this webinar, we explore a case study of how Twitter successfully applied an advanced yet practical ERM approach to enhance its cyber security. We begin with an introduction on global cyber security, followed by a discussion of Twitter’s approach to cyber threat management and investigations. We then discuss three key advantages of the value-based ERM approach, how Twitter applied value-based ERM tools and techniques to its cyber security risk management, and the results of this case study.

The webinar will help participants appreciate the magnitude and evolving nature of global cyber security risks, understand the cyber attack life cycle, become familiar with Twitter’s approach to cyber threat management and investigations, learn about key advantages of a value-based ERM approach, and understand how to apply ERM concepts to enhance traditional silo risk management, such as cyber security.

Information on how to access the webcast will be e-mailed to you approximately 24 hours before it starts.

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