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2015 CIA Annual Meeting

June 17–18, 2015
The Westin Ottawa, ON

Presentation material

The CIA will not be providing hard copies of presentation materials for sessions. All presentations received (including amended materials) are available below. Presentations received after June 4 will be uploaded after the meeting.


Click here for the 2015 Annual Meeting Proceedings. Audio recordings are available now, and PDFs will be added to the site on an ongoing basis as they are edited.


Click on the icon MP3 to hear the audio recording.

Session 1 • General Business Session  MP3
Jacques Tremblay (FCIA), John Dark (FCIA), Deborah McMillan (FCIA), Jim Christie (FCIA)

Session 2 • Opening Plenary Session
Welcome and comments by Jacques Tremblay, President
Keynote session: Remarks from Rex Murphy*

Session 3 • Mock Trial – Pension T. Actuary Takes the Stand!  MP3
Karl Delwaide*, The Honourable Louis-Philippe Landry*, Maryse Larouche (FCIA), Jean-Rémi Mayrand (FCIA), Érik Morissette*

Session 4 • Pension De-risking with a Global Perspective MP3 
Tom Ground*, Benoit Hudon (FCIA), Caitlin Long*

Session 5 • IFRS and Capital Development Home and Abroad MP3
Micheline Dionne (FCIA), Chris Townsend (FCIA), Halina von dem Hagen*

Session 6 • Paying Dividends: The Interest in Par Products. Is it Long Lived?  MP3
Mike Butler (FCIA), Dean Chambers (FCIA), Sean Long*, Graham Rogers (FCIA)
Session 7 • Climate Change and Sustainability Committee Session MP3
Caterina Lindman (FCIA), Karen Lockridge (FCIA), Catherine Jacques-Brissette (ACIA)

Session 8 • ASB Update MP3
Jim Christie (FCIA), Bob Howard (FCIA)

Session 9 • Perspectives on Longevity Risk MP3
George Graziani (FCIA), Kai Kaufhold*

Session 10 • Middle Market Protection Gap MP3
Karen Cutler*, David Moss*, Kevin Pledge*

Session 11 • ORSA Evolution MP3
Brandon Blant*, Michelle Lindo (FCIA), Kerry Reinke*

Session 12 • Avoiding Personal Auto Fraud at the Point of Sale MP3
William Ayscue*, John Petricelli*
Session 34 • Creating A Leadership Presence Through Effective Communication
Kevin Aselstine (FCIA), Mary Weil*

Session 13 • Evolution of Actuarial Science and the Profession in the Past 50 Years MP3
Robert L. Brown (FCIA), Claude Lamoureux (FCIA)

Session 14 • Québec DB Plans’ Funding Rules MP3
Michel Montour (FCIA), Nathalie Joncas (FCIA), Michel St-Germain (FCIA)

Session 15 • Transformation in Corporate Actuarial Reporting  MP3
Bill Beatty (FCIA), Kim Andersen (FCIA), Trevor Howes (FCIA), Gavin Lubbe*

Session 16 • Drug Trends and Provincial Programs MP3
William Chung*, Gary Stoller (FCIA)

Session 17 • Ethical Decision-Making for Actuaries MP3
Frank Grossman (FCIA), Dean Newell (FCIA)

Session 18 • China's Risk Oriented Solvency System (C-ROSS) MP3
Jiangang He (FCIA), Peng Jin*


Session 19 • Financial Literacy Forum – Breakfast Session MP3
Claudia Gagné (FCIA), Deborah McMillan (FCIA), Julie Hauser*

Session 20 • CIA Update on Activities MP3
Jacques Tremblay (FCIA), Rob Stapleford (FCIA), Angelita Graham (FCIA), Pierre Dionne (FCIA), Dave Pelletier (FCIA), Marc Tardif (FCIA), Michel Simard

Session 21 • Journalists Panel
Dan Gardner*, Chantal Hébert*, Jeffrey Simpson*

Session 22 • Actulab: Case Study Session with Practitioners and Academia MP3
Frédérick Guillot*, Étienne Plante-Dubé (FCIA)

Session 23 • Lessons from New Brunswick’s Shared Risk Plans; Updates and a Consulting Perspective  MP3
Paul Lai Fatt (FCIA), Angela Mazerolle*

Session 24 • Model Validation MP3
Marc-André Giguère (FCIA), Michelle John (FCIA), Pierre-Paul Renaud (FCIA)
Session 25 • Non-pension Retiree Plans – A Thing of the Past or a Wave of the Future? MP3
Gregory Durant (FCIA), Lucian Schulte (FCIA)

Session 26 • Predictive Modeling – How Can It Help?
Nathalie Bégin (FCIA), Ian Duncan (FCIA), Jonathan Polon*

Session 27 • Session cancelled

Session 28 • CEO Panel – What the Future Holds MP3
Andrew Cartmell (FCIA), Jean-François Chalifoux (FCIA), Steve Dobronyi (ACIA), Pierre Vincent (FCIA)

Session 29 • CRO Roundtable MP3
Ed Berko*, Leon Bloom*,  Lloyd Milani (FCIA)

Session 30 • CLIFR and Valuation Development MP3
Dominic Hains (FCIA), Josephine Marks (FCIA), Rebecca Rycroft (FCIA)

Session 31 • Stochastic Mortality in Life Insurance: Applications and Impacts MP3
Etienne Marceau*

Session 32 • Big Data, Big Changes – Practical Examples of How Advanced Analytics and Predictive Modelling are Changing Insurance in Canada MP3
Keith Walter (FCIA), Richard Xu*

Session 33 • Economics Changes the Environmental Game
Jeff Rubin* and David Suzuki*


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