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2015 CIA Annual Meeting

June 17–18, 2015
The Westin Ottawa, ON

Keynote Speakers

Rex Murphy, social commentator and editorialist
Wednesday, June 17, 9:00 am - 10:00 am

The one and only Rex Murphy is a trusted face and voice across Canadian media. His intellect and biting humour strike through the heart of profound political and social issues. He writes and reports for CBC’s The National and hosts Cross Country Checkup in addition to his role as a columnist in the National Post.

Jeff Rubin and David Suzuki: Economics Changes The Environmental Game
Thursday, June 18, 14:00 - 15:00

Jeff Rubin and David Suzuki join forces to discuss sustainability and economic growth. Despite their seemingly unusual partnership, Rubin and Suzuki complement each other and have more in common than most people think. Their message is the common root in both economics and ecology, even if it’s not a normal connection. Where Suzuki is a reputable voice on the environmental impacts of our energy consumption, Rubin has the economic chops to back up the reasons why it makes sense money-wise to be more environmentally conscious.


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