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2015 CIA Annual Meeting

June 17–18, 2015
The Westin Ottawa, ON

Journalists Panel

Thusday, June 18, 8:00 am - 9:00 am

A panel of notable and respected journalists will cover topics including healthcare, pensions, demographics, financial services, and privacy.

Dan Gardner  Journalist | Bestselling Author
Gardner is a columnist and senior writer with the Ottawa Citizen and National Post, specializing in criminal justice and other investigative issues. His writing has won or been nominated for every major Canadian award for newspaper journalism, including the National Newspaper Awards, the Michener Award, and the Canadian Association of Journalists Awards.

Trained in history and law, Mr. Gardner worked as a senior policy adviser to the premier and the minister of education before turning to journalism. Whether basing a talk around his bestselling books, such as Future Babble, which examines the dismal record of expert forecasters, or Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear, which explains how we can best make decisions in our lives, or drawing on experiences culled from his political journalism, he is always intriguing, insightful, and informative.

Chantal Hébert  Political Raconteur | Columnist
Chantal Hébert is a national affairs writer with the Toronto Star, a guest columnist for Le Devoir and L’Actualité, and a weekly participant on the political panel At Issue on CBC TV’s The National. A prolific journalist who is passionate about Canadian politics, Mme Hébert speaks with authority and passion on public policy and other matters of national importance.

A senior fellow at Massey College, University of Toronto, she has served as parliamentary bureau chief for La Presse and Le Devoir, and as a parliamentary radio correspondent for Radio-Canada.

Her first book, French Kiss: Stephen Harper’s Blind Date with Quebec, was published in 2007, and her most recent book, The Morning After: The 1995 Quebec Referendum And The Day That Almost Was, in 2014.

Jeffrey Simpson  The Globe and Mail's National Affairs Columnist
Jeffrey Simpson has his finger on the pulse of Canada—and the world. The Globe and Mail’s national affairs columnist since 1984, he is one of the few outstanding political writers who can express his opinions as well verbally as he can in writing.

Mr. Simpson, currently a senior fellow at the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa, is the author of seven books, including Chronic Condition: Why Canada’s Health Care System Needs to be Dragged into the 21st Century.

He has won all three of Canada’s major writing prizes: the Governor-General’s Award for non-fiction writing; the National Magazine Award for political writing; and the National Newspaper Award for column-writing. He was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2000 for his contribution to journalism.



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