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The CIA will not be providing hard copies of presentation materials for sessions. All presentations received (including amended materials) are available below.


Click here for the 2014 Annual Meeting Proceedings. Audio recordings are available now, and PDFs will be added to the site on an ongoing basis as they are edited.


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Session 2 • CIA Update on Key Activities MP3
Jacques Lafrance, Jacques Tremblay, Micheline Dionne, Jason Vary, Marc Tardif, Pierre Dionne, Michel Simard

Session 3 • Regulator Update/PPFRC Update MP3
Abraham Koomson*, Mark Mervyn (FCIA), Simon Nelson (FCIA)

Session 4 • Healthcare in Canada—Survey and Projections MP3
John Have (FCIA), Stéphane Levert (FCIA)

Session 5 • CRO Roundtable MP3
Saskia Goedhart*, Kathryn Hyland (FCIA), Jean-Francois Lafond (FCIA)

Session 6 • What Will Be the Impact of the Recent T10 Industry Lapse Rate Study? MP3
Ken Fraser*, Sharad Mehra (FCIA)

Session 7 • Investing in Real Assets MP3
Louis Martel (FCIA), Courtney Werner*

Session 8 • CLIFR Update MP3
Josephine Marks (FCIA), Rebecca Rycroft (FCIA), Nikolai Serykh (FCIA)

Session 9 • Pension Risk Management: Adapting in a Dynamic Environment  MP3
Patrick De Roy (FCIA), François Pellerin*

Session 10 • Voluntary Benefits MP3
Bonnie Brazzell*, Guy Poliquin (FCIA)

Session 11 • Update from the ERMAC and CRMCR Committees MP3
Robert Berendsen, (FCIA), Shannon Patershuk (FCIA), Sim Segal

Session 12 • Individual Life, the Next Wave. Come and Surf with Us MP3
Janet Anderson*, Karen Cutler*, Neil Ouditt*

Session 13 • P&C Materiality: A Practical Discussion on Determining Appropriate Standards of Materiality MP3
Jacqueline Friedland (FCIA), Jessica Macht*,  Cynthia Potts (FCIA)

Session 14 • Developing Leadership Potential for Career and Volunteer Opportunities MP3
Julian Chapman*, Sharon Giffen (FCIA), Amanda McKinney (FCIA), Jacques Tremblay (FCIA)

Session 15 • CPP Debate
Greg Hurst*, Joe Nunes (FCIA), Fred Vettese (FCIA), Paul Williams*

Session 16 • Group Debates MP3
Jeremy Bell (FCIA), Dens Garand (FCIA), Edward Kuo (FCIA), Peter Muirhead (FCIA), René Norena (FCIA), Shannon Patershuk (FCIA)

Session 17 • Underwriting Hot Topics MP3
Karen Cutler*, Bob Howard (FCIA), Kyle Wu (FCIA)

Session 18 • Macroeconomic Trends—Where are Interest Rates Going? MP3
Neil Matheson*

Session 19 • Models, Related Risks and Controls MP3
Sylvain Fortier (ACIA), Trevor Howes (FCIA), Warren Rodericks (FCIA)

Session 20 • Branding Your Service Business MP3
Stephen Cheng (FCIA), Paula Skaper*, Tony Williams (FCIA)

Session 21 • Innovations in Managing Asset Decumulation Risk in Capital Accumulation Plans  MP3
Lorraine Heseltine*, Robert Klosa*

Session 22 • Ethical Decision-Making for Actuaries MP3
Frank Grossman (FCIA), Joe Nunes (FCIA)

Session 23 • IFRS Update MP3
Michael Davies*, Micheline Dionne (FCIA), Lesley Thomson (FCIA)

Session 24 • Development of Simplified Issue Products in Canada MP3
Kris Boundy (FCIA), Pamela Kwiatkowski*, Chris Ricketts*

Session 25 • Auto Insurance Injury Claims: Recent Trends and New Pressures MP3
Andrew Loach (FCIA), John Vavrik*


Click on the icon MP3 to hear the audio recording.

Committee on Climate Change and Sustainability  – Breakfast Session MP3
Karen Lockridge (FCIA), Jacqueline Friedland (FCIA), Frank Grossman (FCIA)

Actuaries Carving a Niche in Healthcare – Breakfast Session MP3
John Have (FCIA), Gary Mooney (FCIA), Ella Young*

Session 26 • It is Tough Enough Being an Actuary.  Let's not Add "Death by Powerpoint" MP3
Michael Ouchi*

Session 27 • Systemic Risk MP3
Steven Easson (FCIA), Catherine Lubochinsky*

Session 28 • Post-employment Health and Dental Experience Study MP3
Denis Garand (FCIA), John Have (FCIA)

Session 29 • Hedge Funds—What are They Looking at Today? MP3
Anne Coady *, Jeff Klein*

Session 30 • Critical Illness Morbidity Studies—Most Recent Data! MP3
Emile Elefteriadis (FCIA), Benoît Miclette (FCIA)

Session 31 • Stepping Up P&C Price Sophistication—An Overview of Customer Lifetime Value and Price Optimization MP3
Brent Petzoldt*

Session 32 • ASB Update MP3
Ty Faulds (FCIA), Bob Howard (FCIA), Tony Williams (FCIA)

Session 33 • Longevity Risk Perspectives MP3
James Ciamarro (FCIA), Marco Dickner (FCIA), Brent Simmons (FCIA)

Session 34 • A Solution for Private Drug Plans MP3
Jonathan Bohm (FCIA), Nathalie Gingras (FCIA)

Session 35 • Is It or Isn’t It Actuarial Evidence? MP3
John Christie (FCIA), Irwin Nathanson*, Harry Satanove (FCIA)

Session 36 • Practical Applications of Predictive Modelling MP3
Marc-André Belzil (FCIA), Jean-Yves Rioux (FCIA)

Session 37 • ORSA Implementation MP3
Jim Doherty (FCIA), Bogie Ozdemir*, Kevin Taylor*

Session 38 • The Role of the Actuarial Function in Managing Risks MP3
Alexander Shipilov*, Chris Townsend (FCIA)

Session 39 • Global Relatives of Target Benefit Plans MP3
Barbara Sanders (FCIA)

Session 40 • Impact of Applying Canadian Mortality to Post-employment Benefit Plans MP3
Jeremy Bell (FCIA), Edward Kuo (FCIA)

Session 41 • Sharing Thoughts from an Industry Leader MP3
Leo de Bever*

Session 42 • What’s New in Mortality Research at the SOA MP3
Jean-Marc Fix*

Session 43 • Research Paper: Water Damage Risk and Canadian Property Insurance Pricing MP3
Jacqueline Friedland (FCIA), Adam Peleshok*

Session 44 • How Actuaries Can Be Headline News
Ian Hanomansing*

Session 45 • The Actuaries Climate Index  MP3
Andrew Weaver*, Caterina Lindman



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