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The CIA will not be providing hard copies of presentation materials for sessions. All presentations received (including amended materials) are available below. Presentations received after June 14 will be uploaded after the meeting.


Click here for the 2013 Annual Meeting Proceedings. Audio recordings are available now, and PDFs will be added to the site on an ongoing basis as they are edited.


Click on the icon MP3 to hear the audio recording.

Session 2 – CIA Update on Key Activities
Simon Curtis; Jacques Lafrance; Michel Simard; Micheline Dionne; Bruce Langstroth; Marc-André Melançon; Jason Vary  MP3 

Session 3 – PPFRC Update
Manuel Monteiro (FCIA); Alexandra (Alex) Leslie (FCIA)  MP3

Session 4 – Climate Change Research
Caterina Lindman (FCIA)  MP3

Session 5 – Are Defined Benefit Medical/Dental Plans   on the Road to Extinction Like their Pension Cousins
John Moore*; Gary Walters (FCIA)  MP3  MP3

Session 6 – Hedging Long-Term Insurance Risks
Maciej Augustyniak*; Jonathan Hede (FCIA)  MP3

Session 7 – Update on the Changes to Exempt Test Rules
Stephen Krupicz (FCIA)  MP3

Session 8 – CEO Panel: Sharing Ideas for Success
Denis Berthiaume (FCIA); Sharon Giffen (FCIA); Alan Ryder (FCIA)  MP3

Session 9 – What is the Right “Retirement Age” for Canada?
Robert L. Brown (FCIA); Malcolm Hamilton (FCIA)  MP3

Session 10 – Model Validation: Know Your Audience and Second Iteration
Robert Sanche*  MP3

Session 11 – Healthcare Funding For Developed and Developing Countries
Denis Garand (FCIA); John Have (FCIA)   MP3 MP3

Session 12 – Advanced Business Analytics for Actuaries
Mike Boot*; Kevin Pledge*; Barry Senensky (FCIA)  MP3

Session 13 – Hot Topics in Life Underwriting
Bob Brown (FCIA); Jo-Ann Jolliffe*; Robert Profumo*  MP3

Session 14 – Ethical Decision-Making for Actuaries—Part II (Pre-reading material)
Chris Fievoli (FCIA); Michel Simard  MP3

Session 15 – ASB Notice of Intent: Update to Standards Relating to Economic Reinvestment Assumptions
David Campbell (FCIA); Ty Faulds (FCIA); Alexis Gerbeau (FCIA)  MP3

Session 16 – Latest Developments in Risk Appetite Frameworks
Saskia Goedhart*; Susan Meltzer*  MP3

Session 17 – Group Life and Disability Trends
Christina Testa*; Jeffrey Schuh (ACIA)  MP3

Session 18 – In the CIO Office: Economic Roundtable
Marc Lévesque*; Clément GignacMP3

Session 19 – CANCELLED 

Session 20 – High-Impact Communication
David Miller*  MP3

Session 21 – Mock Trial - Pension T. Actuary Takes the Stand!
Handout 1 and Handout 2 to download as reference in advance of the session
Antoine Aylwin*; The Honourable Louis-Philippe Landry*; Maryse Larouche (FCIA); Jean-Rémi Mayrand (FCIA); Érik Morissette*  MP3

Session 29 – Best Practices for Effective Stress Testing
Presentations will be available on line after the annual meeting  MP3

Session 23 – Group Insurance Debates
Presentations will be available on line after the annual meeting  MP3

Session 24 – Risk Management Framework of Public Pension Plans
Claude Bergeron*; David Long*  MP3

Session 25 – Life and Living Benefits Products: The Perfect Union?
Frédéric Jacques (FCIA); Michael Kirkwood (FCIA);  Ron Sanderson*   MP3


Click on the icon MP3 to hear the audio recording.

Session 26 – Plenary Session: Creating Opportunities through Collaboration Between Academia and the Actuarial Profession
Robert L. Brown (FCIA); Mathieu Boudreault (ACIA); René Delsanne (FCIA); David Landriault (FCIA); John Dark (FCIA)  MP3

Session 27 – Does Social Media Work? 
Kevin Pledge*; Rachel StephanMP3

Session 28 – Super-Size Me: Jumbo Pension Risk Transfer Deals from Around the Globe
Patrick De Roy; Scott Campion*; Tom GroundMP3

Session 22 – Risk Governance Roundtable
Saskia Goedhart*; Donald ChuMP3

Session 30 – Using Actuarial Modelling to Unravel the Causes of the Healthcare Costs Spiral
John Have (FCIA); Ella YoungMP3

Session 31 – CLIFR: News and Views
Alexis Gerbeau (FCIA)  MP3

Session 32 – What’s new in Mortality Research at the SOA
Jean-Marc Fix*  MP3

Session 33 – Professionalism and Ethics
The Honourable Pierre J. Dalphond*; André LacroixMP3

Session 34 – DC Plan Member Behavior—Key Information for Better Design and Consulting
Dr. Jack VanDerhei*   MP3

Session 35 – Individualized Risk Rating
Nathalie Bégin (FCIA); Robert L. Brown (FCIA); Pierre Laurin (FCIA)

Session 36 – Interest Rate Calibration
David Campbell (FCIA); Claudia Gagné (FCIA)  MP3

Session 37 – ORSA Implementation Challenges
Christopher Crombie (FCIA); Hakim Nouira*; Sim SegalMP3

Session 38 – Adjustable Products: Are We There Yet?
Stéphane Rochon*; Jean Roy (FCIA)  MP3

Session 39 – Practice Committee Update: CRMCR, AEC, CIP
Robert Berendsen (FCIA); Michel Dionne (FCIA); Maryse Larouche (FCIA); Ross Dunlop (FCIA)  MP3

Session 40 – Shared Risk Plans—Case Studies
Conrad Ferguson (FCIA); Angela Mazerolle Stephens*; Jérôme Savard (FCIA)  MP3

Session 41 – The Next Generation of the Minimum Capital Test (MCT)—A Regulatory Capital Framework for the Canadian P&C Insurance Industry
Judith Roberge*; Christopher Townsend (FCIA)  MP3

Session 42 – Fraud in Group Insurance
Deana Maric*; Joseph Peter*  MP3

Session 43 – Equities in Insurance Companies’ Portfolios
Josephine Marks (FCIA); Martin Roy (FCIA)  MP3

Session 44 – Global Protection Product Sales Trends
Naveed Irshad (FCIA)  MP3



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