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When the CIA selects a city for our Annual Meeting, we do our research.

Aside from world-class culture, Montréal has more than enough infrastructure to keep us transported, fed, and sheltered:

  • Most taxis per capita in Canada (major cities);
  • Most restaurants per capita in Canada (major cities); and
  • 15,200 hotel rooms.

On June 20–21, Montréal will also have the most actuaries per capita in Canada (ignoring very small towns!). That is when the city will host the CIA’s Annual Meeting at the Hilton Montreal Bonaventure.

I encourage you to join me there. You will learn important information and make valuable connections. Your attendance will also enhance the meeting for other participants: we would love to hear what you are working on.

The Committee on Continuing Education and the CIA Head Office have done an excellent job organizing sessions of interest to actuaries in all practice areas. Covering both technical and non-technical topics, they will be relevant and useful in your work, and range from established areas of practice to areas on the horizon.

I am excited about our keynote speaker, Eric Garland. His presentation, “Tales from the Unexpected Future”, will explore the limits of our predictive abilities. He is a veteran strategic analyst who has performed forecasting for some of the biggest corporations and governments, from Coca-Cola to the Principality of Monaco.

An exciting two days await you. Attendance and engagement by actuaries at the Annual Meeting makes us better as professionals and a profession, so please consider taking part.

I look forward to seeing you.

Jeremy Bell

Chair, 2013 Annual Meeting




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