Membership & Education

Candidates' Results

The Practice Education Course (PEC) is conducted on a “pass/fail” basis. There is no target passing rate or grade; candidates who demonstrate adequate knowledge will pass.
PEC examinations are developed and graded by members of each PEC organizing subcommittee. Each member is a Fellow of the CIA who has experience in the practice area of the particular PEC track to which they are assigned. Each examination question is independently graded by two subcommittee members using the grading template prepared by the subcommittee members who developed the question. The graders then reconcile any significant differences in marks that they have awarded to a given candidate for that question. The result of this work is aggregated into a consolidated grading template that records the marks assigned by each of the graders for each question and is used to calculate a final mark. Candidate papers deemed to be borderline are reviewed in their entirety to determine whether the candidate adequately demonstrated the knowledge required to pass.

During the grading process, subcommittees may set a benchmark grade as a guideline to aid in determining which papers will pass, but may deviate from it if doing so is necessary to achieve an equitable result overall. To be successful, candidates must demonstrate adequate knowledge across their entire PEC track syllabus. Therefore, a candidate who demonstrates significant weakness in one or more subject areas may fail even though their overall score may be at or above the benchmark grade.

Each subcommittee prepares a memo that documents any variances from standard practice or unusual situations and provides the subcommittees’ pass/fail recommendations by candidate number. These recommendations are reviewed by the PEC Organizing Committee before the results of the PEC are announced by the CIA Head Office. The committee ultimately determines which candidate papers pass or fail.

Notification of Results

Candidates will be notified of their result by the end of July 2017.  Successful candidate numbers are published in the Members Section of the CIA website, and a hard-copy transcript is mailed at that time.

Unsuccessful candidates will receive a letter from the PEC Organizing Committee that provides feedback on the areas in which they were unsuccessful. 

Record of Candidates’ Results

Individual exam papers are not marked or annotated. Original, unmarked copies of candidate exams are kept on file by the Head Office for six months.

Marks awarded to candidates are recorded directly into the grading template. The grading template contains details and notes on the graded papers, and in order to protect privacy and candidates’ information it is kept on file by the Head Office for 30 days. This file is identified as “PEC Candidate Exam File 2017”. Unless otherwise authorized by law, this file is used and communicated solely for the purposes listed in the present note and is accessed by the committee, subcommittee, and Head Office personnel who need to manage, review, or communicate the candidate results.


In accordance with legislation regarding access to personal information, candidates may request access to or rectification of such information regarding the grading of their paper within 30 days of receiving their results. Such request should be addressed to Caroline Thebault ( and will be treated according to the applicable law. Once a request is received, the candidate file, including information contained in the grading template, shall be kept intact for the duration of the period of inquiry and resolution. The PEC Organizing Committee and Head Office will conduct a review to ensure that no mechanical errors occurred in the grading process and that the candidate’s results were tabulated accurately. The candidate will be notified of the result of the review, which will be final.


The Head Office refers to candidates only by their candidate number when corresponding with the PEC Organizing Committee, and all committee working notes and communication only refer to candidates by their candidate number.

In order to maintain anonymity and prevent real or perceived conflicts of interest, candidates are not permitted to contact PEC Organizing Committee members directly and should instead contact Caroline Thebault ( at the CIA Head Office, who will forward their message to the appropriate committee members.