Membership & Education

Requirements for each track – PEC 2018

Eligibility for Attendance and Track selection at the Practice Education Course (PEC)

Material required by the CIA education syllabus for which formal examination or assessment exists will not be evaluated at PEC 2.0.

Attendance will be restricted to candidates who have completed sufficient advanced education and who have accumulated at least two years’ work experience (including co-op time) to be able to participate fully.

 - PEC candidates will be required to select a PEC track based either on their educational background, or upon evidence, certified by a Fellow, of at least two years of track-relevant experience, which can either be accrued in Canada, or in their country of origin, or some combination thereof; and 

 - Successful completion of a minimum number of examinations as outlined below:

PEC Track Required for Attendance at PEC
Finance and Investment 

1 5-hour track-specific Fellowship Exam
Individual Life and Annuities

SOA Life Valuation Canada (ILAVC)
Group Benefits

SOA Group Health Core Canada (GHCORC) and CIA Group Benefits Exam


SOA Funding and Regulation Canada (RETFRC)