Membership & Education

Practice Education Course

What is the Practice Education Course (PEC)? 

The PEC is the final educational requirement to become a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, typically taken when all Fellowship examinations are complete.

At PEC, candidates will:

• Gain hands-on, practical knowledge of practice-specific course content through interactive group workshops and seminars;
• Understand how Canadian professional standards affect their work; and
• Network with other future actuaries and experts in their field of practice. 

The PEC is designed to provide candidates with practical education in the Canadian environment including industry practices, professional standards, legislation, and taxation. It is offered once a year in the spring, in Ottawa, Ontario.  

Sessions may include large and small group discussions, projects, assignments, and self-study. In addition, there will be a general session covering topics applicable to all actuaries practising in Canada.

Registration for PEC 2018 will open in February 2018.