Membership & Education

What are the Benefits
of the CERA Credential?


The CERA credential training does not stop with mathematics and financial engineering. A CERA applies both qualitative and quantitative insights to ERM, receiving the most comprehensive credential in this rapidly emerging field.

In addition to the high recognition of actuarial credentials among employers in insurance, reinsurance, and consulting markets, a CERA is a member of a professional organization with a code of ethics, professional standards, education requirements, and discipline.

A CERA provides a forward-looking, comprehensive approach to enable smart, well-rounded business decisions. Due to the rigorous ERM training through the credentialing process, CERAs can offer practical solutions to complex business challenges and are well positioned to assume leadership positions in the enterprise risk management marketplace.

CERAs are advancing the ERM field. They help companies adequately meet strict financial reporting and control requirements while helping them remain competitive in the globalized marketplace. They address security and technology issues and prepare for disaster and business continuity in the post-9/11 world.