Enterprise Risk Management Resources

Enterprise Risk Management Resources

Welcome to the resource page on enterprise risk management (ERM).

Part of the Institute's role is to promote the application of actuarial science to ERM and to market actuaries as knowledgeable experts in this field.

This page will help deliver information on ERM and links to a variety of resources, research, and interesting reading.

Title Author
ERM, How do we govern it?
CIA ERM Applications Committee
ERM, Should you be doing it?
CIA ERM Applications Committee
ERM, Who is doing it?
CIA ERM Applications Committee
ERM Specialty Guide
Society of Actuaries
Recognizing When Black Swans Aren't
Guntram Fritz Albin Werther
Risk Assessment Models
Model Risk
Emanuel Derman
Insurance/Hazard Risks
Market/Liquidity Risks
Title Author
Bond Portfolio Investing and Risk Management
Vineer Bhansali
Measuring Market Risk, Chap 2 – Measures of Financial Risks; 3 – Market Risk measures; 14 – Liquidity Risks
Kevin Dowd
The Myth of Diversification
Chua, Kritzman, Page
Designing the New Policy Portfolio: A smart, but humble approach
Frederick Dopfel
Validation of Long-Term Equity Return Models for Equity-Linked Guarantees
Hardy, Freeland, and Till
Standards of Practice (other organizations)
Title Author

ASOP 12 – Risk Classification

Actuarial Standards Board
ASOP 46 – Risk Evaluation in Enterprise Risk Management
Actuarial Standards Board
ASOP 47 – Risk Treatment in Enterprise Risk Management Actuarial Standards Board
ISAP 5 - Insurer Enterprise Risk Models
International Actuarial Association
Strategic Risks
Title Author

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries has produced a series of three short videos where experts in enterprise risk management discuss risk governance issues for senior executives and board members.

Micheline Dionne 

Minaz Lalani

Kathryn Hyland 

Standards of Practice (other organizations)