About Us

Member Services Council

Duties and Purpose:

  1. To develop and monitor public and government initiatives to ensure that the Institute becomes widely recognized by the Canadian public as the leading contributor to dialogue, analysis, and solutions in all areas related to the understanding and quantification of future financial contingences and risks;
  2. To develop and monitor programs that promote the actuarial profession through consistent branding, marketing, and communication projects;
  3. To create, deliver, and maintain appropriate services for members, students, and the public; and
  4. To develop and monitor processes for initiation, development, approval, translation, and distribution of CIA research and joint research projects.


Benoit Miclette chair  2017 
Stephen Cheng member  2015 
Neil Duffy member  2015 
Paul Gobeil member  2017 
Veronique Menard member  2017 
Nari Persad member  2013 
Martin Roy member  2014 
Yeh Ching Seto member  2015 
Anne St-Martin member  2016 
Nirmala Veerappen member  2017 
John Dark ex officio  2018 
Michel Simard ex officio  2010