About Us

International Relations Council

Duties and Purpose:

  • To oversee relations with actuarial organizations outside Canada, including the associations represented in the International Actuarial Association, and other associations like the North American Actuarial Council (NAAC) (of which Canada is a member as well as the United States and Mexico) and the Actuarial Association of Europe;
  • To be familiar with the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement and the North American Free Trade Agreement as they pertain to the actuarial profession;
  • To be familiar with and make recommendations to the Board about specific projects which involve, or could involve the CIA with these bodies and agreements;
  • To respond to requests for comments on international actuarial topics and make submissions as appropriate; and
  • To arrange for CIA representation at international actuarial meetings as appropriate.


Jacques Tremblay chair  2017 
Jason Malone vice-chair  2018 
Barbara Addie member (Board liaison)  2018 
Thomas Ault member  2016 
Mélanie Beauvais member  2018 
Réjean Besner member  2016 
Micheline Dionne member  2017 
Alana Farrell member  2017 
Michael Hafeman member  2016 
Graham Mackay member  2017 
Leslie Rehbeli member  2017 
Jason Vary member (Board liaison)  2018 
William Weiland member  2017 
Sharon Giffen ex officio  2017 
Michel Simard ex officio  2014 
Faisal Siddiqi PC liaison  2017 
Rebecca Rycroft ASB liaison  2018