About Us

Eligibility and Education Council

Duties and purpose:

  1. To develop and enforce eligibility and qualification requirements for enrolment in the CIA;
  2. To develop, deliver, and maintain the CIA’s education system, including the CIA education syllabus and in-house education programs;
  3. To monitor and manage partner relationships for educational activities delivered through other organizations and universities;
  4. To develop, deliver, and maintain continuing education programs to advance the knowledge of candidates and members;
  5. To establish, communicate, and oversee processes and procedures for monitoring and verifying member compliance with the continuing professional development qualification standard, including procedures for handling cases of non-compliance;
  6. To oversee the process for member declaration of criminal convictions; and
  7. To provide interpretative opinions on the Rules of Professional Conduct, and present recommendations to the Board concerning the repeal, re-enactment, alteration, or addition of rules of professional conduct.


Alison Rose chair  2018 
Stephen Butterfield member (Board liaison)  2018 
Daniel Dine member  2018 
Peter Douglas member  2018 
Bruno Gagnon member  2016 
Bruce Jones member  2016 
Terence Narine member  2018 
Jean-François Poitras member  2018 
Stephanie Russell member  2017 
Zander Smith member  2018 
June Smyth member  2018 
John Dark ex officio  2018 
Michel Simard ex officio  2010