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Actuarial Clubs and Other Associations

Actuarial Club of Alberta

Robin Damm, President

Tel: 403-261-4505
E-mail: robin.damm@towerswatson.com

The Actuaries Club of Montreal

Marc-Antoine Morin, Past President

Tel: 514-499-7999, ext. 7611
E-mail: marc-antoine.morin@standardlife.ca

Lyna Gendron, President
Tel: 514-360-4796
E-mail: lyna.gendron@willis.com

Mathieu Guay, Vice-president
Tel: 514-845-6231
E-mail: mathieu.guay@aonhewitt.com

Martin Laframboise, Secretary
Tel: 514-392-5053
E-mail: mlaframboise@munichre.ca

Le Club des actuaires de Québec

E-mail: contact@clubactuairesquebec.org

Louis Nault, President
E-mail: lnault@dsf.ca

Hélène Baril, President-elect
E-mail: helene.baril@ca.ey.com

Lauréanne Pomerleau, Treasurer 
E-mail: laureanne.pomerleau@aonhewitt.com

Daphné Giroux-Marion, Secretary
E-mail: daphne.giroux-marion@ssq.ca

Actuaries Club of Toronto

Brian Brown 
Tel: 905-669-4449
E-mail: brian@sbci.org 

Joe Soga, Vice-President
Tel: 416-359-8008
E-mail: jsoga@munichre.ca

Casualty Actuaries of the North West

David Ménard, Treasurer
E-mail: David.Menard@icbc.com

Pacific Rim Actuaries Club of Toronto

24th Annual Chinese New Year Meeting
February 22, 2017

E-mail: info@pacificrimactuaries.ca

Paul Chow, President
E-mail: president@pacificrimactuaries.ca

Benny Wan, Vice-President
Fiona Kwok, Secretary
Houston Cheng, Treasurer

Vancouver Actuaries Club

Allen Furlong, President
Tel: 604-642-5236

Andrea Knoll, Vice-President and Treasurer
Tel: 778-327-5370
E-mail: aknoll@morneaushepell.com

Waterloo Actuarial Club

Jordan Clark, President
Tel: 519-888-3900, ext. 341-6344
E-mail: Jordan.Clark@sunlife.com

Winnipeg Actuaries Club

Clayton Zaluski, President
Tel: 204-339-0901
E-mail: clayton.zaluski@gmail.com

Greg Skubisz, Treasurer
Tel: 204-946-4806
E-mail: greg.skubisz@gwl.ca

Association des actuaires IARD

Frédéric Saillant - SSQ Groupe financier
E-mail: president@aaiard.com

Marc-Olivier Faulkner - TD Assurance
E-mail: vicepresident@aaiard.com

Catherine Lemay - Group Promutuel
E-mail: tresorier@aaiard.com

Christian Nadeau-Alary - TD Assurance
E-mail: secretaire@aaiard.com

Actuarial Students’ National Association (ASNA)

Carlo Lahura, President
E-mail: asna.president@gmail.com

Independent Actuaries Network

Karim Gangji, Manager, membership, discussion topics and meeting services
E-mail: gangjika@dvassociates.com

Peter Tiszovszky, Treasurer and coordinator, meeting place services
E-mail: petertis@rogers.com

David C. Hart, Coordinator, discussion topics and catering services
E-mail: dhart@an-actual-actuary.com

Ontario Conference of Casualty Actuaries

Alena Kharkavets, President
E-mail: akharkavets@brokerlink.ca

Satnam MacLean, Vice-president
E-mail: samaclean@deloitte.ca

Mathieu Bellemare, Secretary-Treasurer
E-mail: Mathieu.Bellemare@intact.net

The CIA is pleased to promote and collaborate with the organizations listed above; however, they have no formal affiliation with the Institute.