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The Affiliate category of enrolment was adopted in order to provide a more general and open process of enrolment for fully qualified foreign actuaries who wish to practice in Canada and are not covered under a mutual recognition agreement. Enrolment as an Affiliate of the Institute requires an initial assessment of the individual qualifications of the candidate in order to determine the equivalency of the education and experience to the requirements of the CIA.

A customized program, based on the requirements of the CIA and the initial assessment of the candidate’s qualifications, will be set for each Affiliate of the CIA who wishes to pursue Fellowship. Information on how to enrol as an Affiliate may be obtained by contacting the Membership, Education and Professional Development Department of the Institute.

Enrolment as a Fellow via the Affiliate route requires that the individual enrols as an Affiliate of the Institute while accruing Canadian practical work experience, and:

  1. Successfully completes the Canadian Institute of Actuaries’ Practice Education Course or the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) Part 6–Canada exam;
  2. Successfully completes the CIA Professionalism Workshop or approved CAS Course on Professionalism when it is offered in Canada and when it contains Canadian content;
  3. Any other educational requirements determined on a case by case basis by the Committee on Eligibility after an evaluation of the applicant’s educational background; and
  4. Completes, to the EEC’s satisfaction, a three-year period of practical actuarial work experience including 12 months of Canadian practical work experience.